Your Questions Answered

Yes, we do! French – FOI VIE FAMILLE, Italian- FEDE VITA FAMIGLIA, you name it! Just email us at info@faithlifefamilywear.com

Upon special request. We thought, for example, the circle that has the words Faith Life Family could change to suit the color of the country – so for France the color would change to a lighter blue and the words would be FOI VIE FAMILLE. We would prefer that for special orders, that multiple items be ordered with that same crest, as it is an extra charge for us to make the changes.

Please keep in mind the colors of the actual crest are red, navy, white and gold when choosing your garment, to be sure that they won’t clash. We may alter the colors of the crest for other colored garments in the future. But as of yet, we are not offering that option except for special orders – which may require an additional charge..

Yes, but additional shipping charges will apply. Please email us at info@faithlifefamilywear.com for more information.

Yes! Our inventory will be changing with every season and with requests for new items. So if there is something that you’d like for us to carry – Please make a suggestion by emailing us at info@faithlifefamilywear.com

We will be selling on our website – Polo shirts, drawstring/cinch backpacks, baseball caps, silk ties, golf towels, mugs, flags, etc. If there is something specific that YOU’D like to purchase, please contact us at the above mentioned email address.

Sorry, no returns. However, if by some off chance you receive your item and it is defective in anyway, you may return it (at no cost to you) for an even exchange.