The Gift of Life

The gift of life is so precious. As a mother, I have marveled over the birth of each and every child that I have had, as well as the gift of having a beautiful granddaughter. The gift of life is just that – a gift! Like the gift of faith, something that is given to

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March for Life 2015 on EWTN

On January 22, 2015 our family and other Faith Life Family Wear supporters joined the over 600,000 pro-lifers to March for Life in Washington, DC. Though the mainstream media may have ignored the event, EWTN was there in full force. I was blessed to have been interviewed by both Teresa Tomeo and Wyatt Goolsby. They helped to bring about awareness of our Faith Life Family Wear products, in the hopes that people would purchase something from us and then choose EWTN for us to donate to at our checkout online.

As Teresa brought to the forefront in our interview, even Johnnette Benkovic agrees with us that it is important to look your best (“an act of Charity”) while doing God’s work because you are more attractive/approachable to others. No where is it written in stone that the only way to reach people is with words written across the front of a T-shirt. One can make a strong, yet silent statement and do it in style. That being said, enjoy watching the video, share it with friends and please purchase Faith Life Family Wear products so that we can share the “good news” one garment at a time. Let’s all Take A Stand With Style!

March for Marriage

On Thursday, June 19th the March for Marriage took place in Washington, DC. My family and I attended and were struck by two things; the fact that people were gutsy enough to stand out in public and speak up in favor of traditional marriage, was edifying. However, we were disappointed to see only several thousand

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Front Page of The Wanderer! Did you see it?

In this day and age it is important to get the word out through social media. Unfortunately, I’m not as well-versed in that realm as I would like. Thus, my counting on the kindness of others to help spread the word about our website and “share” it with friends on Facebook and such. Thankfully, a

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What are you going to do about it?

“What are you going to do about it?” That’s what my husband says the minute that I start to complain about something and I’ve got to hand it to him (as much as it drives me CRAZY every time that he says it)…he’s right! Complaining really is just wasted energy and not very holy either.

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Welcome to our very first Blog!

Welcome to our very first Blog. This is all so exciting! Take a Stand. Stand up in Style. While fishing around on our website, you’ll see different statements like this. They remind us of the constant pull that we feel in one direction or another, as individuals in today’s society. Standing up for God’s Law

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