Faith Life Family Episode 9: The Most Blessed Sacrament: Love & Protect It

Gloria, Lavs, et Honor, Tibi Sit Rex Christe Redemptor (Latin for “Glory, Praise and Honor to Thee, O King, Christ, the Redeemer) – 1962 Daily Missal

Missy began this Episode by explaining that May 26th is the actual day for the Corpus Christi Celebration but it is celebrated on the Sunday following in order for more faithful to attend. #FeastofCorpusChristi

The “Love It” portion of this Blessed Sacrament Episode could be best related to Eucharistic Miracles. Missy talked about the earliest known Eucharistic Miracle which was in Lanciano, Italy in the 8th Century. Since then, there has been many other instances of Eucharistic Miracles. #EucharisticMiracles #EucharisticProcession

Next, Missy spoke about the “Protect It” portion of this Blessed Sacrament Episode but giving several examples of Eucharistic Abuses. We must not let these Abuses happen! We must Show Our Love and Protect Him. “It may not be MY Business” is said by many faithful. But, wait a minute, IT IS! #EucharisticAbuses

Many of the following Abuse examples can be avoided by proper education of Extraordinary Ministers (Eucharistic Ministers) by a Priest or by a Senior Minister. A simple item to ensure protection of Jesus, is to ensure the Priest/Deacon Purifies all the Vessels used during the Mass. #TeachtheMinisters #PurifytheVessels

While Missy and her family were visiting a Shrine, it was noticed that too much Precious Blood had been consecrated. Seeing no final purification of the Precious Blood, Missy asked what happens to the Precious Blood that had not been consumed. She was told that they “have a special sink” (Sacrarium Sink) where pour the remaining Precious Blood. Are you kidding me! All Precious Blood MUST BE CONSUMED. A Sacrarium Sink is only used for the leftover water that was used to wash the Precious Blood that had spilled on linen. #DrinkAllThePreciousBlood

We must want the complete “Fullness of Faith”. Not just a portion, we want the “whole” pie! Rules were for the Blessed Sacrament were recently reiterated by Pope Benedict. Have an Immediate meeting with your ministers to ensure they all know the rules! #KnowtheRules

Another “Abuse” example was when Missy and her Family were on vacation in the South. Once again, there was an over pouring of the Precious Blood. Missy and her family kept their eye open as to what was going to happen with the remaining Precious Blood. Normally the family only receives Holy Communion from a priest but ended up receiving the Body of Christ from a woman minister. After Mass, having a gut feeling about the remaining Precious Blood, they hung around and prayed. The Minister who gave the family Holy Communion came over to the family. She stated how impressed she was with their actions before, during, and after Mass. Still no resolution to the remaining Precious Blood. Seeing a man holding palms walking into Church, Missy approached him asking where the priest was. Man didn’t know but explained that he was the “Head” Minister. She then asked him what happens with the remaining Precious Blood. He stated that they use that “special” sink again. Man became defensive but Missy continued to kindly educate him. This opened the door. He also stated that they find “hosts” all over the place. What? Because of this Church being a “tourist” Church, this seemed normal to him. Man said that they bury the hosts in the garden. REMEMBER, the Precious Body & Blood MUST be consumed. Only 1st Class Relics should be buried. #consumetheconsecrated

Additionally, the family were attending Mass at a Nursing Home when a consecrated host fell on the floor. The Priest picked it up but DID NOT consume it. Nobody washed the spot where the host had fell. People continued to walk all over the spot. After Mass, the family obtained some Holy Water and washed the entire floor. That is Protecting Our Lord! #DroporSpillBlessedSacramentWashtheFloor

Again an example of ministers not being trained, a homebound minister, also a member of a Rosary Group, was supposed to bring the Blessed Sacrament to a woman but had some sort of problem and could not bring the consecrated host to her. Well, He Mailed It to Her! WHAT! Speechless! The woman who received it, was horrified! #nevermailJesus

The Chat Room was busy and had a few questions. Missy then advised that the Fiat Ministry Network was being attacked by evil. She, Kent, and Normand had been sick.

Remember, as Al Smith reminded us, We are What We Eat — Act Like it!

The episode ended in the praying of the Eucharistic Prayer given at Fatima by the Angel! #PrayAlways

Faith Life Family Episode 7: with Guest Leslie Davis Blackwell of

“Do not be Afraid. Go on speaking, and Do Not Be Silent, for I am with you …” (Acts 18:9)

Missy began this Episode by introducing Leslie ( and in turn Leslie gave her background information. She is the VA Co-Coordinator of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. #silentnomore She is also the Organizer of the VA #ProtestPP.

Leslie, a former Radio & TV Personality, began explaining her reversion to the Catholic Faith. She continues to struggle with her faith journey, as we do each day. Her current love affair with Jesus is wonderful! #ILoveJesus

This wonderfulness was not always the case. In college, she lived the life of a “wild” college student. Alcohol, Drugs, Pre-Marital Sex etc. Leslie was even humble enough to share that she had 2 abortions in the early stages of her life. She also stated that in the height of her professional career, she was a Pro-Choice Zealot and a Planned Parenthood Board Member. Her family life was in an uproar and was practicing self sabotaging behavior. Her St. Paul Moment was when she lost her Dad. It was devastating! This suffering resulted in 4 months of self sequester. #savemysoul

She thought that a move from North Carolina to Richmond would assist her in “getting out of this rut”. But she still ventured into what she knew, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and looking into other Faiths while working at “high” profile job, “Good Morning” Richmond. #rockbottom

Finally, with marrying the man of her dreams, becoming a mother with the birth of her son and daughter, the assistance of her Aunt Betty, she completed her reversion back to the Catholic Church. Oh by the way, Jesus helped in this reversion! #houndfromheaven #thetruthwillsetyoufree

As a footnote, Aunt Betty had “deep” faith in the Catholic Church. She was a Mom twelve times, so definitely a women with great Family experience. This experience along with one-on-one talks with Leslie, surely “finalized” this reversion. #thegreatauntbetty

Lastly, a video (no audio) was played showing Leslie in front of the U.S. Supreme Court speaking during the National March for Life. #marchforlife

Faith Life Family Episode 6: Footage of the LIVE Stream of #ProtestPP in Richmond Virginia

On this episode of Faith Life Family we join Missy D’Aconti as she was live from the protest Planned Parenthood 2016. Missy got to interview some of the great speakers that spoke during the protest. We will see the interview from Leslie Davis Blackwell Virginia Co-Coordinator at Silent No More Awareness. We also had Don Blake of Christian Alliance Missy also interviewed Callie Jett the Founder and CEO of Talk About Adoption and the website is We also talk with her good friend Michael Lewis he is the Associate Director of Virginia Catholic Conference.We also had David La Rock 33rd District of the House of Rep. for Virginia. Finally, we also have Jackee Gonzalez running for Congress and her website is